In short

From the 13th to the 20th of November 2005, seven children from Teater Klubb’81 participated in the 9th international children’s theatre festival in New Dehli, India. Their performance, “Marja Gullsko”, is a fragile, poetic and visual play based on a tale by Regine Normann. Katma is responsible for direction, concept and production.

Teater Klubb’81 travelled to where the pepper grows, all the way to India to perform “Marja Gullsko” in front of children from all around the world. The actors from TK’81 had the pleasure to both open and close the theatre festival with the performance “Marja Gullsko”.

Indians often give a painted picture of the truth. Flagpoles and chairs are wrapped in tinfoil, there are flower arrangements, sequins, small mirrors and pearls everywhere. But on the inside, we find a lot of poverty.

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