In short

From the 4th to the 8th of May 2004, eight young people from Teaterklubb'81 participated in Atzalyno Scena-2004 in Kretinga in Lithuania. Their performance "The Red Golden Castle in the North West Sea" is a visual and beautiful play based on a tale by Regine Normann. Katma is responsible for direction, concept and production.

We performed in the big theatre hall for more than 150 people, and never before has an audience been more involved and supporting. Lithuania gave us many impressions, long days, sleepless nights, sounds, tastes and images that will continue to inspire the young actors from Dverberg in the future.

Popcorn in Lithuania tastes more sweet than salty. We were treated like princes and princesses, and it was very touching to see how the young people from Kretinga had been looking forward to - and preparing for - our arrival.

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